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SKRM Engineering the Trust we have built

SKRM Engineering’s was founded in 2016 as a Black Economic Empowered Engineering Firm and has become a reputable player in the transformation of the Indian industry. Our executive team is led by Historically Disadvantaged Indian PCB Manufacturer whose wealth of experience in the Engineering and Related fields in diverse industry sectors has driven the company’s exponential growth to its current successful levels.

Who we are

  • Professional Workers

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  • Effective Team Work

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  • Quality Assurance

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mission and vision

our mission

We promise to deliver world class engineering services and solutions that exceed customer expectations while earning equitable returns needed to sustain our welfare and environmental surroundings

our Vision

To be a global player in the provision of innovative engineering services and solutions

Our Great Team

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  • Phone : (+91) 9555149700
  • Email : ceo@skrmengineerings.com

Shalini Sirohi

  • Phone : (+91) 9555149700
  • Email : Surindersirohi@live.com

Surinder Sirohi

Managing Director
  • Phone : (+91) 9555149700
  • Email : Surindersirohi@live.com



Innovation is the specific instrument of entrepreneurship The act that endows resources with a new capacity to create wealth.

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